In case you still hesitate why you should choose “Junior Club” center for your child, we recommend you to check our advantages one more time: qualified personnel, individual training system…  Let’s check the list point by point.


We offer a unique educational program in a form of training games.  Professional tutors work with each group. The tutor’s assistant is always present.

The creative skills of your child in singing, dancing, and painting will be developed thanks to our specialists.

There is a puppet theatre in the center. You will see the results of our efforts at children matinees.



Our medical room is fully fitted with everything necessary for persistent supervision and medical aid.

The nurse is in the kindergarten whole day.

You will quarterly receive a report about the health condition of the child (see “Health” section).

We pay special attention to meal supply:  the four-time meal ration was recommended by a pediatrician (see “Ration” section).

Physical education lessons and games are organized in the playground of the center.

A speech-therapist and a psychologist are always in the kindergarten to ensure the complete development of your child. 


The whole area of the kindergarten is equipped with modern video surveillance system. Contemporary fire safety system is also set up.

All the necessary technical equipment for interactive training is set up in each group.

Climate control system ensures separate heating.

We have planned a separate ventilation system for the kindergarten, which will prevent fragrance penetration into the area and will provide fresh air without draughts which are so dangerous for our children.

Sterilizing UV lamps, that kill all the known bacteria and viruses are installed in the whole area of the center. Thus the whole area is always fumigated and is kept clean, which means that your children will get sick rarely.