The first moral education lessons our children get are through the famous writer H. Tumanyan's fairy tales. On February 19 we celebrate his 149-th anniversairy. For this occasion we visited his home-museum. The whole excursion though the 6 room hudge house, libruary, living room, working room and the maked of Dsegh village really reflected Tumanyan's  magnificent art. In the end we watched "Anban Houri" 3D cartoon.
Due to this wonderful book Toumanyans` beloved fairy tale heroes were livened in new characters and style. Our kids also took part in the process of their creation. Developing imagination and creative skills they livened already colored examples.The interest towards virtual and IT world are directed to the increasment of children`s necessary skills.
Magician Nahapet Arshakyan greeted our children with his special program. The kids had active participation in his tricks following all the details. After the magician`s performances Santa C. and Snowmaiden appeared here with their  warm wishes.The kida sang, danced, guessed several riddles and got interesting presents.On 27 of January  our parents were kindergarten`s valuable guests. We greeted each other and celebrated the holidays with high mood and lots of wishes. The whole evening
It's unreal and uninteresting to get acquainted with the armenian nature without visiting the Nature Museum. So, we went there, examined the exhibits with astonishment and were realy surprised with the variety of such a small higland we learned about the types of animals included in the Red Book. The guide spoke about the importance of the nature protection and explained what will happen if any type disappears from acosystem. We;ll surely  visit the museum once more. Let's protect our nativ
On november 30 Junior Club hosted MES subcolonel T. Kostany within the framework of  <>  thematic week. Our guest told all the rules that should be kept to avoid dangerous situations and consequances.We watched interesting movies, asked T Kostany lots of questions. Seeing the kids' enthusiasm he promised to be our guest frequently. Since preschool age safe behavior should be kept.
On november 20-24 open doors were declaired in "Junior Club" kindergarten. Our special guests were the parents. They got acquainted with our everyday details, took par in the activities, meal, hiking and even pastime. The parents had a great opportunity to sing, dance, have fun with the kids, namely to go back to the unforgettable world of childhood.Dear parents, we are always open for you!
On October 7 we celebrated the adventure day!We love adventures. So we started our interesting way to th treasure island! The treasure map helped us to find 6 keys and open thetreasury. Here golden choclate coins were waiting for us. Our earned "golden coins" were really tasty.
"In love with you Yerevan" thematic week is going on. All the interesting details concerning our capital we learnt in the Museum of Yerevan.  The kids listened to those interesting, capable and impressive facts with great pleasure and promised the guide Gitunik to visit the museum again.
Congratulations dear Yerevan! Let our free and independent city be always beautiful, bright and colorful. We celebrated the birthday of our city, learned how it was founded over 2799 years ago, how it was protracted by Al. Tamanyan, and then was upgraded and beautified by its citizen. By the help of our talanted teachers and kids a maket of Yerevan was created, around which our activities devoted to the capital were held. Dear citizen, we all are responsible for the city , and we should do
On International teachers day we hosted a great musician, magnificent composer Geghuni Chitchyan. With great pleasure she introduced interesting facts about her life the whole process she is composing.The meeting was full of interesting and unexpected questions given by our kids. The children sang her "The Doggy's lesson", listened to her "Good morning" prelude. The interesting pictures created under this songs influence later were given to her.Thank you, dear Geghuni Chitchyan for an interestin
Happy Kowledge day! We stsrt the new school year with great love and enthusiasm. Good luck to everybody!
Farewell with the kindergarten was very exciting. Our students has grown up. It's not easy to say goodbye.It's time to move on. We wish our beloved students to sucseed in future and we hope they will keep in memory unforgetable days in kindergarden.Good luck!
The interesting performance of the magician and his animals (monkey,crocodile, snakes and rabbit) was very impressive for all of us.  Happy Childrens` day dear kids. We do our best to provide you careless and safe childhood and also beautiful and confortable environment. Be happy and healthy and let all your dreams come  true!
We saw the remarkable scenes of our history all the armenian marshals' and generals', their feats. It was pleasure to listen to the RA and heroes' stories. Our knights' live path was a real patriotic lesson for all of us!
Fairy tales are valuable for both adults and children. They, indeed, arew the best ways of teaching chidren in all times. Fary tales and games help children develop their creatve imagination, speech, personality, prompting of being active, skills of working in group... The humorous and role performances of our kids were too impressive. We all were very happy and followed them with great pleasure.
The inherited unique examples of  the armenian art were demostraed  at the Folk Art museum. In this centre we saw national armenian decorative-applied art examples, national costumes (taraz), carpets, handmade objects.  We learnt interesting facts about their creation and usage. Let's be educated in order to pass our heritage to the other generation.
A very hospitable meeting was waiting for us at H. Tumanyan's home-museum. While passing through the halls the kids examined the sculptures, photos, audiorecords, films, books, the personal items of our great storyteller. The guide told us many interesting facts about Toumanyan. It was about to pass through the past.The excursion is  really informative and inportant for each pre-school child.
With wonderful classic music and a glass of champagne we say "Happy New Year, Dear Parents ! ". This new year has brought a funny performance  called "The naughtly piglets". Like the previous time, our kids recognized their beloved teachers in the role of different characters.Hope, we'll have another chance to see our kids so happy!
"Ani Product" was our guest ! Our children greeted Santa Caus and and Snow Maiden with great pleasure lots of New year poems, dances, puzzles, competitions. And in the end we got wonderful new year presents. Thank you "Ani Product" for reliable and stable cooperation!
Our children, dressed in national costumer, demostrated lots of armenian, russian, spain, african and gypsy dances.Our aim was to give knowledge about history, culture of the surrounding world. We hope, this concert will call curiosity towards the histories of different countries.
On December 5 a handemade exhibition of our children was organized in the kindergarten. After that on December 11 all those works were taken to "IWAY" charitable exhibition, the income of which was later sent to those who needed it more.
 In the historical Museum of Yerevan our hids were told about the lifestyle of people begining from prehistorical time. Here they got an idea about the past, the present and the future of their city. Let each kid feel proud of being an armenian living in Armenia.
Robert Sahakyants' cartoons are now put among our educational videos. The famous cartoon maker has created serias of exciting, informative lessons about alphabet, nature-study, first animals. It turned out that this is not a difficult thing to study if we do it with the help of Sahakyants' cartoons.  We are thankful to Gayane Soghomonyan for thoughtful and gentle treatment towards kindergarten.
We are happy not to miss the chance of strengthening our kids' immunity. Swimming is an another mean of healthy life, which the kids must attend from their early childhood
Many happy moments were waiting for the children on September 21. The most interesting one was the wonderfull ballons with the national flag's colors. The children greeted each other, sang, danced and were military costumes. We all were proud of our republic!
Children assimilate picture very differently in various periods of theirlives. At preschool  age they digest it with feelings, on a hunch. It is nice to see their sparrkling eyes as painting any pictures. Thank the specialists for happy and warm entertainment.
The first day of September is the beginning of a new life for our kids, full of happiness and colors! Fairy tale heroes came to greet our kids on Knowledge day. They gave us high mood and great impressions.
As we know children love ice-cream very much and very often they ask us how and where it is made. To satisfy our children's curiosity we organized an excursion to "Ani kat" milk factory. We wore appropriate clothes for entering the building and appeared in a magic world. We had a great opportunity to see the preparation and packing of our favourite sweets. Then we tasted the fresh ice-crem. In the end we all had surprising gifts.We are thankful to "Ani kat" milk factory for making our day a feas
 Since July 2016 bycikle riding activity is held here. The lessons are full of great pleasure and thrill with the help of  "My bike" specialists our kids learn to ride two wheeled bike. Our goal is to have healthy generation.
    "Goodbye kindergarten" performance by our graduating group was very impressive and exciting. The children acted like real actors on the stage amusing the parents with their knowledge and abilities. Our children =step on the entitie world of discoveries a little bit sad and at the same time gritty.      Good luck to your new life dear children!
On June 1 the whole "Junior Club" celebrated International Children Day. A competition called "Discover talants" was organized. Our playground was full of pictures drown by the children. Every child was happy to introduce his work trying to speak even about the trifles.
This time we were at Hovhannes Tumanyan's home-museum. Here we saw the place where our favorite fairy-tale writer has lived and written. We got acquainted with his interesting live events, saw the rich libruary and his well-kept personal things and photos. The most interesting thing was the Lori view with armenian national music leading. In the end of the excursion a surprise was waiting for us! We watched the "Dzakhord Panos" 3D cartoon.Hovhannes Tumanyan's museum is an entertaining place to vi
On May 9 "Junior Club"  celebrated The Victory day. Our teachers did their best for the children could  understand and feel pride for our soliders' deeds. Flowers were put on the Unknown Solider's grave. An excursion was also organised to the Military museum of "Mother-Armenia".We are happy that the deeds of our nation stay in our hearts though many years.
We've taken part again in the  interactive lesson,organized by the National Gallery in the famous hall after Sasuntsi Davit. We got acquainted with the cultural and historical values of Armenia. Due to simple explanation of the guide, we learned about the best canvases of Hakob Kojoyan: the graphic composition of Sasuntsi Davit. We returned full of unforgettable impressions. Thanks to all those, who gave our kids an opportunity to learn about the cultural life.
A good tradition has been formed in our kindergarten : the spring holidays are held with wonderful performances full of funny dances and happy songs. We have dramatized H. Toumanyan's , Hans Christian Andersen's , Charles Perrault's ... funny fairy tales. The parents  were taken the marvellous childhood due to their kids playful and frisky acting . They all left the child centre with positive emotions and expectations of comming back very soon.
Tree planting since April 18. Our assistants and kids took part with great pleasure planting over 10 trees. The kids' excitement is connected with the beautiful surrounding of our kindergarten.
A visit to the wonderland of books: the junior libruary after Khnko Aper. The librarian organazed an interesting excursion through the libruary. The kids got acquinted with the halls, sounds hall, listened to the story called "The serious bear" im the  fairy hall, watched the story "The dog and the cat". The kids learnt the answers of their curios questions and came back with important information and unforgettable memories.Hope, the kids will visit the libruary frequently. 
Happy Easter! Our kids and techers celebrated Easter with traditional food. The feast was full of interesting performances and question-answers, games, songs and dances.
Our kids have visited The Museum of History of the city of Yerevan and learnt interesting information.The kids got acquainted with the history of the city and also the culture. They answered all the questions with great inspiration and came back with wonderful impression. Thanks to the assistents of the museum for good entertainment. 
Good entertainment and a surprise at "New radio" (FM106.5). Thekids recorded one of their favorite songs called "Winnie The Pooh".
We visited cafe The Park and took part the experienced cooks' master class. In the end we ate our handmate pizzas.
Happy Mother's day dear mothers and grandmothers. Be healthy, happy and always have high mood. Stay  beautiful and kind as you are.
Dear parents, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The teachers of  "Junior Club" organized an unforgettable and wonderful fable for the children.  In the evening there was a pleasant meeting with the parents. Happy New Year!
On December 24, at 17:00 PM we shall send air ballons to the sky with children's wishes on them. Please, pick up your child at 17:30.
A New Year performance will take place on December 25, at 11:00  in "Junior Club" hall. The presence of the children is regarding.
Automn holidays were full of memorial performances and high mood. The most notable thing was the childen's acting ability.
On november 24-26 we are celebrating "Guest to automn fairy tale ". Our children will show little performances and pass their excellant mood to us. 
Super mood, music, dances: we celebrated Halloween!
Pupils of "Junior Club"  have visited the National Gallery of Armenia. They have had an interactive lesson and drew naturеmort at the hall named after Martiros Saryan.
On this very spacial dayWe are full of happiness!Let joy,happiness and success Follow you every single day!
Dear parents !We remind you that "Junior club" has speech terapist's service. In case of questions you may call (010) 70 70 01.
The final event devoted to Erebuni-Yerevan  was the wisist to the "Erebuni" museum.
We celebrate our city`s birthday. Slideshow, good mood and dance!
"Mimos" marionette theatre has visited us with the performance "Buratino" .
Happy Teachers' day, dear pedagogues!
 ‘Junior club’ kindergarten wishes you peace,  further success and new achievements.     
Dear parents, since September 1, 2015  <<Junior Club>> will be available also on holidays and memorial days, from 9.00 up to 17.00.
Goodbye kindergarten ! On June 30 our preschool children celebrated their final event . Dear children, welcome to the world of the knowledge!
Dear parents, we pass to summer mode. Namely we start our healthy outdoor works, water procedures summer walkings, excursions, entertainment and summer menu.
Unforgettable memories from the wonderland of Megatoys.
We try to understand and appreciate the art.
On the 70th years of Victory we put flowers near the eternal fire.
We get acquainted with the richness and pecularities of our nature
First time in our kindergarten musicle called ,,The wolf and the seven goathings''.Actors` ,,Arevic'' kids.Stage director`  V. Simonyan                            Z. Ayanyan                            Sh. Atyan                         Welcome to the wonderful kid world.
According to RA Government's decesion January 28 is declared a non working day.
We celebrated International Child`s day.
The children got acquinted with the specializations of a hidergarden  teacher preceptor, teacher, cook, doctor, musician, painter, policeman, hairdresser.