The doctor or the nurse is in the kindergarten during the whole day. They host the children in the morning, and take preventive measures against virus diseases if necessary. Sick children are not allowed to enter. One can always apply to the doctor or the nurse for consultation or aid.



We recommend you to pay first visit to the dentist when milk teeth appear. Healthy milk teeth are a strong basis for the main teeth. Proper care and periodic checks will reduce the number of visits to dentist in the future. The most important thing is to make the child not to be afraid of dentists.

There is no doubt that you will receive qualified consultations from our dentist in time.



The timely visit to an ophthalmologist in early ages will prevent from any further problems connected with eyes. Our experienced ophthalmologist will help you to keep the eyes of your child healthy.



The main interest of the psychologist is to track the child’s psychical development in all ages.  The psychologist will organize personal and group meetings with children. All the lectures are organized as playing games.

Often action games and art-therapy are implemented. The children usually attend such classes with great pleasure. Children are under the care of a psychologist starting from the very little age, which helps them in adapting to the kindergarten. The psychologist pays much attention to the children with adapting problems, monitors their development and takes appropriate measures.



Small discrepancies in speech are corrected by a speech therapist. Besides the speech correction, the speech therapist develops the fine motor skills of the children. The speech therapists also take preventive measures in order to avoid further speech problems and their COMPLICATIONS.

The success greatly depends on the cooperation of the speech corrector and parents, in particular, in applying gathered skills at home.

Highly qualified and experienced professionals work at “Junior Club” kindergarten. You may visit us to become convinced.